Spiritual Mud (Podcast Intro)

Mark Heinz Productions (Voice Answering System)

Gateway FEAST (Voice Answering System)

Fill-n-Thrill (Multiple TV Commercials)

Concierge Services of St. Louis (Voice Answering System)

Ria Sharon (Workshop Presentation Narrative)

Develupe Group (Multiple Voice Answering Systems)

Trinity Amplification Inc. (Voice Answering System)

Ebolaworld (Cartoon Characters~”Barbara” and “Mom”)

Th!nk Tank Public Relations & Marketing (TV Commercial & Webpage Ad)

Sipitiniz™ (Website Infomercial)

UBOON2 (Website Video Narration)

Snites LLC (Voice Answering System)

Paygile LLC (Multiple Voice Answering Systems i.e. Auto Solutions & Car Credit City)

Floyd Glass & Window (Multiple TV Commercials)

Hughes Advertising (Commercial for a St. Vincent Healthcare/SVH-Yellowstone Breast Center)

Wellspring Resources (Radio Commercial)

Dan Gill Photos (Multiple TV Commercials for Columbia Tribune)


“Carol is a very ambitious voice over artist with the ability to turn projects around quickly and efficiently in her home recording studio. She seems very versatile and strives for high-quality product. I would recommend Ms. Nockels to anyone needing female voice work, and I would absolutely use her services again.”

Mark Heinz (Owner)

Mark Heinz Productions

“We have been working with Carol for a few months now. She does a great job with our voice overs for our commercials. I know that when I send over a script for Carol, it will be done quickly and always sound wonderful. She makes my job much easier.”

Josh Tyler (Executive Vice President)


“Thanks for the fantastic job you have done for us!”

Jeffrey S. Groby (Managing Member)

The Develüpe Group LLC

“Thanks for the great job! I’d definitely recommend you to anybody needing voice services.”

Charley Geiler

Trinity Amplification

“What I told Carol was that I loved her. That may seem strange because I have never met her. But the reason I said that was that she was able to take my direction on a Voice Over project and literally blow me away. Not only was it done in less than a couple of hours, her first pass was EXACTLY what I was looking for. That is truly a talent that delivers like that. If you need a great voice and great service, hire Carol.”

Chad Bookidis


“Carol is a talented voice actor who worked diligently to make her audio exactly what I needed. She is a true professional with a bright future in the business, and I look forward to working with her again.”

Sam T Nelson

Carol is a delight to work with. Commercials without Voice Overs lack human connection and she brings crucial human connection to video. She brings a wide range of voices to the table with one phone call. I have used her “proud suburban mom” voice twice and look forward to finding other of her voices in the future. On a recent project, the script was too long and in a short amount of time, we cut words without cutting message, keeping the project ahead of schedule. Her ability to work remotely with autonomy makes her someone to keep in mind when producing video.”

Dan Gill

Dan Gill Photos